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Infection-free Dentistry with UVC

Our mouth spreads more germs than any other part of our body. Process Air can help keep the air in your facility CLEAN – just as clean as your teeth!


If you’re a dental or other healthcare professional, customers no doubt appreciate your use of personal protective equipment (PPE), routine equipment sterilization and easy-to-clean fabrics and furniture. There’s a definite reassurance when a healthcare professional opens a fresh set of latex gloves or instruments.

To truly protect your clients from infection, however, practitioners need to move beyond instrument sterilization and address the invisible risks in the surrounding air.


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Studies Relate IEQ and Productivity:
Workers Perform Better in Facilities with Improved Indoor Environmental Quality

“Work Smarter – Not Harder”


Let us help you keep your staff healthy and happy. Call us today to learn more about increased productivity studies associated with Indoor Air Quality.




UV Lights Offer Solutions in the Face of Today's Infectious Disease Threats

As the threat of measles and other infectious diseases continue making headlines, building and facility managers are searching for ways to reduce the threat posed by contagious airborne pathogens.

Please see the attached article for more information.

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FMJ Upper Air UVC Benefits for Facilitie

Doggie Daycare Grows Business
by Making Animal Welfare a Priority

“Woof, Woof! -- Hey humans, don’t forget about us! We like to breathe in clean air too!”

Call us at Process Air so we can take care of your four-legged children too!

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 / 60 Years of Partnership

VMC _ Amber Booth

Process Air is proud to represent VMC Amber Booth, celebrating 60 years of partnership with NASA.  Enjoy this video as we congratulate NASA on their 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings.


Amber Booth Vibration Isolation

The VMC/Amber Booth group has a complete range of products and services to protect your building, equipment and occupied spaces from the unwanted intrusion of vibration, noise and seismic energy. We supply a wide array of engineered solutions for non-structural HVAC, electrical and architectural components, as well as isolation and seismic restraint for entire buildings.

We stock a variety of vibration isolators at our Tampa facility. For more information, please contact the VMC Amber Booth specialists at Process Air System Sales.




  • Open Spring Vibration Isolators

  • Floor Mount

  • For Indoor Use

  • 50 Lbs to 3,250 Lbs




  • Combination Rubber and Spring Galvanized Vibration Hangers





  • Cast Aluminum Housed Vibration Isolator

  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use



  • Restrained Top Vibration Isolation

  • For Seismic and High Wind Applications / Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • 25 Lbs to 1,785 Lbs


 T1C / T1D 


  • Coated Open Springs

  • 25 Lbs to 1,785 Lbs





  • Rubber-in-Shear Vibration Mounts





  • Not Currently Stocked - Available upon request

  • Restrained Top Vibration Isolation

  • For Seismic and High Wind Applications / Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • 400 Lbs to 28,000 Lbs





  • Waffle Pads: Size 18x18, 3/4” Thick





  • Galvanized Housed Rubber-in-Shear Vibration Hanger





  • Model NR: Size 18x18, 3/8” Thick

  • Model NRC: Size 18x18, 1” Thick




  • Galvanized Housed Spring Vibration Hangers




  • Combination Rubber-Steel-Rubber “Flex Plate” Pads


Introducing the Carlyle 06M Compressor

With the new 06M family, Carlyle brings to market reliability, efficiency and versatility that have been the hallmarks of reciprocating compressors, now with R-410A refrigerant.


Whether it’s used in air conditioning, process cooling or refrigeration, 06M provides countless benefits – all from one complete compressor

575-008 Carlyle Compressor Brochure_Page

Carlyle 06M Compressor

Process Air Manufacturing is pleased to announce the incorporation of one of the latest in reliable, efficient compressor technology, for use in our custom air handlers.

When compared to scroll compressors, the Carlyle 06M reciprocating compressor offers an impressive list of advantages. Here are a few:

  • Sustained Efficiency Across A Wider Operating Range
    The valve system in Carlyle’s 06M reciprocating compressors automatically adjusts to ever changing operating conditions for maximum performance around the entire operating envelope. This enables operation at extremely low to very high saturated suction temperatures – ideal for applications with low latent cooling loads or those that require pull down at high temperatures. On the other hand, scroll technology can only be optimized for efficiency  at a specific rating point, resulting in either over- or under-compression away from their design point.


  • Superior Reliability
    Unlike scroll compressors, the 06M contains an integrated  positive displacement oil pump to help maintain reliable  operation even under marginal lubrication. This advantage  is critical in ensuring durability over a wide variety of applications – particularly in refrigeration, where systems  may have large refrigerant charges or experience frequent  start-stop cycles and transients like defrost cycling.


  • Advanced Capacity Control Options
    With the 06M, cylinder unloading is available over the entire  product range. For more precise capacity control, the 06M  can be applied with two different types of infinite capacity  control: either Carlyle’s patented pulse width modulation  technology for reducing capacity down to 20% of full load  or with variable speed drives where the speed can be varied between 25Hz and 80Hz for a capacity range of 42% to 133% of full load.


  • Serviceability
    The 06M reciprocating compressor is fully serviceable, unlike a scroll. In the unlikely event that the compressor sustains damage, the 06M can often be repaired on site with minimal downtime. The semi-hermetic design of the 06M can also be remanufactured, making it a more sustainable choice than the scroll.


Regardless of your needs in air conditioning, process cooling or refrigeration, the 06M is the right choice for reliable, efficient operation. It’s one of the latest innovations in compressor technology – and just one more reason to count on Carlyle.