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Anemostat HCR High Capacity Radial Diffuser

Anemostat Model HCR High Capacity Radial Diffusers now offer HVAC designers a diffuser that combines the best of both conventional "horizontal" pattern and "laminar" projection panels into one, while providing easy installation of a diffuser that does not project below the ceiling line. The resulting radial pattern now makes air distribution for clean rooms, animal rooms, hospital facilities, R&D Laboratories, and critical assembly and manufacturing areas easier to apply, without sacrificing conditions desired for those spaces.

The non-aspirating HCR Diffuser has been developed to solve the problems associated with delicate high air change applications. Capable of handling large volumes of air relative to its size, the HCR Diffuser combines rapid decay of the jet velocity with a radial pattern into the occupied zone that displaces room air with the clean supply air from the flush HCR ceiling diffuser.

Unlike non-adjustable type diffusers, the HCR Diffuser includes a unique, manually adjustable pattern control assembly that "fine tunes" the pattern based on design air flow rates, supply air cooling differentials, and application.

The intrusive radial pattern of the HCR Diffuser provides high efficiency displacement of room particulate and odors with new air in a non-recirculating manner. High ventilation rates are achieved with occupant comfort. By diffusing clean supply air from the diffuser in an outward and intrusive radial pattern, contaminants and odors are displaced, bathing critical areas in a continuous supply of clean air.

The required high air change rates, rapid odor removal, and overall cleanliness can be accomplished in high load, high density, multi-row animal rooms by locating 180° Pattern HCR Diffusers, centrally in the ceiling, over the aisle. This approach provides immediate cleansing of the aisle way and personnel. The supply air displaces the air through the face of the animal racks, and replaces the air in the thermal plume rising at the rear of the racks. Exhaust air is removed from the room after it rises to the ceiling by thermal convection.


For these areas requiring positive particle removal and extremely high air quality, the location of the HCR supply diffusers, with respect to the extract grilles is critical. The magnitude and location of the internal load must be considered.

The supply air is ideally introduced by a "continuous run" of HCR Diffusers from wall to opposite wall to provide complete coverage of the space, minimizing undesirable secondary air motion. By introducing the air in a plug-like flow from the HCR Diffusers to the extract grilles, maximum particle displacement and removal is obtained, while cleanliness is achieved.

The continuous run of HCR Diffusers may be located centrally in the ceiling, splitting the space into two equal zones, with extract grilles located either low in the sidewalls, or in the ceiling at the outer edges, in the forward direction of diffusion.

Alternately, 90° Pattern HCR Diffusers may be arranged in a continuous run in an upper corner of the space, with the extract located either high or low near the opposite wall. A high location is preferred with high cooling differentials and low air change rates. When high air change rates and low cooling differentials are considered, it is preferred that the extract air is removed low.

The HCR diffuser is a natural for use in Hospital Isolation areas, where it is preferred to "shower" the patient with HEPA filtered air, and dilute any contaminants about the patient. Raising the effective ventilation rate by reducing or eliminating dead air pockets in the room increases dilution of airborne particles, particularly when designing to prevent transmission of airborne transmitted diseases such as TB. Placing a 24" x 48" HCR directly over the bed encloses the bed in a steady stream of clean air that is best extracted low, and near the bed. The adjustable pattern feature allows the vertical component to be increased or decreased to suit the local conditions.

For operating theatres, Anemostat Multi-Vent model MV-1 or MV-2 Laminar Flow Panels over the table to provide required sterile conditions, or the AORTA system are recommended.

The HCR diffuser provides unparalleled performance in laboratories with fume hoods. These high air change environments have the additional requirement of maintaining room velocities at levels that will not affect fume hood performance. Proper selection of sizes and discharge pattern provide diffuser arrangements that will not disturb fume hood operation while maintaining a radial pattern for effective draft free ventilation and temperature control. The adjustability of the HCR integral pattern control allows for a wide range of cooling differentials and flow rates to maintain design conditions.

The HCR diffuser is effectively used in these areas requiring one or more of the following: large amounts of ventilation air at low velocities, reduced particle flow for cleanliness, and the necessary cooling for industrial processes.

One application of HCR diffusers might consist of a continuous line of HCR diffusers over a moving line of product leaving a treating oven. With an air flow requirement as high as 200 CFM / Lineal Foot of conveyor line, the local air velocities are less than 100 FPM over the width of the conveyor line. The HCR Diffusers are aligned along the length of the product conveyor, and supplied with 14" diameter drops from a continuous duct above the diffusers.


Anemostat Maximum Security Extra Heavy Duty Grille

with 2" (nom.) x 3/16" Openings


  • FACE FLANGE: 14 gauge Stainless Steel with beveled edges

  • OPENINGS: 2" (nom.) x 3/16" Horizontal Louvers and Vertical Mullions of 14-gauge Stainless Steel

  • AIR PASSAGEWAYS: Patented “S” style eliminates ‘looping’ of materials   around/or through louvers

  • NECK: Rigid with 1-7/16" exposed face depth made of multiple piece 14-gauge    construction

  • FINISH: Stainless Steel 2B Mill Finish

  • INSTALLS: Coupling nut with threaded rods attaches to rear of face flange and    duct connector

  • DUCT COLLAR: 14 gauge galvanized



  • INTEGRATED PLENUM: for retrofit connection


  • OPPOSED BLADE DAMPERS: Rear operated   - shipped loose (typical)

  • ANCHOR STUDS: Nelson type for precast/brick wall applications


The grille is made of 14-gauge stainless steel with the outer perimeter formed to raise the grille face 7/16" from the wall or ceiling. The edge of the grille is manufactured with a beveled slope. No open or unfinished edges exist. The horizontal louvers are attached to a mating frame and ‘locked in’ to prevent movement or removal.


The vertical mullions are correspondingly ‘locked in’ place creating a penetration proof neck and throat of 1-7/16" depth. Coupling nuts are attached to the back of the face flange for use with threaded rods. A mating duct collar with nuts receive the threaded rod and are tightened accordingly.


SSV26 is installed into the wall (or ceiling) with the threaded rods attached. A mating duct collar with nuts receives the rod and is then tightened to insure a secure fit on both sides of the wall. Optional attachment mechanisms are available for both new and retrofit applications. Optional sleeve, locking angle and opposed blade dampers may be supplied, if required.

Standard: 2B mill finishOptional: Custom powder coat colors


Arrow-Mestek AIR-YNX

The Mestek Commerical Damper and Louver Group now offers the AIR-YNX pressure independent airflow regulator. The AIR-YNX can automatically balance the airflow in HVAC duct systems.


The AIR-YNX works for supply, return, or exhaust duct systems, installed horizontally or vertically. And it can be installed in rigid ducts or register boxes without screws, using the included lip seal system for an airtight fit. Once inside, the AIR-YNX will regulate air flow based on a specified operating differential pressure range set by the installer.


All MCDLG brands offer the AIR-YNX as a cost-effective solution for air  balancing in HVAC duct systems. For more information on Mestek AIR-YNX, contact us at Process Air System Sales!

AIR-YNX Airflow Regulators

Arrow - Hurricane Louvers

Miami-Dade County has approved a number of Arrow United Industries stationary louvers as High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) louvers that are in compliance with Miami-Dade County Building Code protocols.

A select list of louver models have been tested and approved to meet the stringent test requirements of TAS-201 (Large Missile Impact), TAS-202 (Static Pressure Test) and TAS-203 (Cycle Wind Pressure Loading) protocols for structural applications.

A Hurricane-rated Louver by Arrow/Mestek


DriSteem - Humidification

driSteem is a premier provider of humidification and evaporative cooling systems. We engineer our products to meet specific demands and custom requirements. We have earned our reputation as experts by supporting our customers’ unique commercial, health care, industrial, and process-critical applications for over 50 years.

Through extensive research and development we continue to develop industry-leading innovations that greatly improve methods for cooling and adding moisture to air with precise control.

Vaporstream® humidifier: Versatility and critical control

  • Capacity: 5.7–285 lbs/hr (2.6–129 kg/h) for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 4560 lbs/hr (2068 kg/h)

  • Control: +/- 1% RH

  • Applications: From providing comfort humidity to meeting the strictest clean-room requirements, the Vaporstream electric humidifier is an industrial grade unit designed to meet the humidification demands of any building environment.

  • Options: Weather cover, climate-controlled outdoor enclosure, multiple control capabilities, seismic certification.

Vapormist® humidifier: Designed for finished spaces

  • Capacity: 6–102 lbs/hr (2.7–46 kg/h) for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 1632 lbs/hr (740 kg/h)

  • Control: +/- 3% RH

  • Applications: Attractive, compact, cabinet-style unit perfect for finished spaces. Easy installation.

  • Options: Matching fan-based steam dispersion cabinets, control capabilities, seismic certification.


EC Fans: Cost situation for fans based on EC technology

Not everything that may be technically feasible is achievable within economic constraints. However, EC technology now provides a cost effective way of implementing the best technology. Continued and constant development of motor technology combined with a global reduction in the cost of electronics and power electronics over the last few years have made it possible to achieve EC fan prices that are now broadly comparable to the costs of comparable solutions involving the use of asynchronous motors.


Moreover, fans based on EC technology deliver significant potential cost savings in terms of operating costs. Figure 2 illustrates the savings in operating costs achievable with EC technology over an operating period of 4000 hours a year. In many cases, it makes good economic sense to replace an existing fan with one based on EC technology.


Kelvion: Improved Efficiency and Quieter Operation
URF Flatbed Air Cooled Condenser

Kelvion’s fully weatherproofed URF line of Air Cooled Condensers are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are available in horizontal or vertical configurations. This new generation of condenser is also available with optimized 3/8" tube diameters and fin patterns that provide a manufacturer with improved applied cost through enhanced efficiencies.

Each URF unit is designed and manufactured for your specific operating conditions. The URF’s unique design can be manufactured up to 39' long and is powder coated for superior protection from the weather.
Kelvion offers a comprehensive collection of EC and AC fan sets with varying voltage, frequency, speed and protection. This ensures that the best fan is always selected for high energy efficiency, low noise, and flexible control options. Proprietary casework has been specifically designed for increased strength with reduced weight.


  • UL, CSA and Eurovent certification available.

  • Duty range of 5–240+ Tons.

  • Up to 20 fan sets to maximize cooling airflow.

  • Options: isolators, junction boxes, energy efficient AC/EC fan set options with controls, sub-cooling circuits.


Meet the AIRVOLUTION-D 780

In their own words...

"At MacroAir, we can reflect upon our origin to our current time and proudly say that our founder, Walter Boyd, invented a product that serves so many people across the world today. Whether it's workers in a hot Texas warehouse, customers of a restaurant in California, or thousands of passengers heading to catch their flights in the Valencia (Spain) Airport, MacroAir fans have - for many years - made people more comfortable.

We believe that we have a great product with an even greater purpose. Is there a better product to stand behind?


MacroAir's top of the line fan delivers massive airflow for your extra-large industrial spaces. Thanks to our breakthrough in motor design, the 24-foot AirVolution-D 780 fan efficiently moves 346,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

It features:

  • 20 - 24 ft diameter

  • Spacing: 105 - 115 ft apart

  • 2.10 hp direct-drive motor

  • Weight: 214 - 239 lbs

  • $1.50 / day to run

Reasons to choose AirVolution?


    Saves 30% on cooling by dropping the effective temperature 8ºF, saves 20% on heating by bringing warm air down to the fl oor, and runs for about $1.00 a day.


    Designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market: enjoy a 50,000-hour (24 years average use) warranty tracked by the fan itself.


    No gears, no oil, no friction thanks to our gearless direct-drive motor. Onboard electronics eliminate problem-prone variable frequency drives.


    Speed, light, and direction (forward/reverse) are easily adjusted on a touchscreen controller.


    Customized solutions and local service provided by our strong distribution network.


    Gearless design makes our fans whisper quiet - literally quieter than a human conversation. The only sound is the air itself.

Contact us today to find out more about MacroAir products.


Sterling Nexus Heat Exchangers

Nexus® brings leading edge condensing heat exchanger technology to Sterling HVAC’s successful unit heater product offering. With tri-metal stainless steel heat exchanger technology, proprietary pre-mix burner design and fully modulating configurations Nexus provides industry leading efficiencies of up to 97%!

Available in 2 sizes (100 – 200 MBH), in both natural gas and LP gas, Nexus can be vented through PVC and CPVC for application flexibility. All units are also field convertible to separated combustion. Size 300 and 400 coming soon.

Electronically Air/Fuel Coupled

  • Proprietary Design for Optimal Efficiency

  • Unique Premix Burner Technology

  • 3:1 Full Modulation

  • Maximum Efficiency through Precision Modulation

  • SafeSense Blocked Inlet and Flue Sensing Technology

  • Unit auto-adjusts for altitude requiring no field modifications

  • Unit will maintain fuel air ratio with partial blockage without decreasing performance until safety trip

Tri-Metal Hybrid Heat Exchanger

  • Full Condensing Efficiencies at all Firing Rates

  • 7%+ Maximum Efficiency

  • 94%+ Efficiency at Full Input

  • All Stainless Steel Tube for enhanced corrosion protection

  • Brass and Aluminum fins for improved thermal heat transfer.

State-of-the-Art Control Platform

  • 2-Stage, Modulating with Room Sensing, and Outdoor / Indoor Reset Self Modulating Settings

  • 2-10 VCD/4-20 mA Input for BMS Communication

  • Modbus Standard

  • LED Diagnostic Lights (External)

  • Single Thermostat or Outdoor Sensor can Control Multiple Units

Application Flexibility

  • NG / LP Single Orifice Field Conversion

  • PVC / CPVC Vent Compatible

  • Field Convertible to Separated Combustion

  • Multiple Voltage Configurations

  • OSHA Fan Guards

  • Durable Brushed Stainless Steel Cabinet

  • Condensate Float Switch and Trap Standard

  • Optional Condensate Pump and Condensate Neutralizer

Sterling Nexus Heater

Sterling Nexus:
Tri-Metal Hybrid Heat Exchanger

Sterling Nexus:
Electronically Air/Fuel Coupled


Twin City Fan TVIFE
Direct Drive Induced Flow Mixed Flow Exhaust Fan

The TVIFE Induced Flow Mixed Flow Exhaust Fan is intended for use in exhausting laboratory fumes and hazardous chemicals in such a manner that diminishes the likelihood of concentrated, contaminant-laden air from being re-entrained into the building's intake or makeup air.

This unit is commonly used in exhaust systems for universities, schools, hospitals, research facilities, laboratories, restaurants and waste water treatment plants.

The benefit of an induced flow exhaust fan is to dilute the contaminated air at the outlet as well as increase outlet volume of the fan which accelerates the discharge air, increasing plume height without a tall stack.


Amber Booth Vibration Isolation

The VMC/Amber Booth group has a complete range of products and services to protect your building, equipment and occupied spaces from the unwanted intrusion of vibration, noise and seismic energy. We supply a wide array of engineered solutions for non-structural HVAC, electrical and architectural components, as well as isolation and seismic restraint for entire buildings.


We stock a variety of vibration isolators at our Tampa facility. For more information, please contact the VMC Amber Booth specialists at Process Air System Sales.


VMC Amber Booth ~ Customer Testimonial


“Your performance exemplifies total dedication and contributes to the continued mission success of the Delta Launch Program”

— John Mihelich

Director Supplier Management, Boeing