Welcome to Glenda Ama

Process Air System Sales is pleased to announce Glenda Ama as our new President. Glenda takes over for Walter Golding, co-founder of Process Air System Sales, and Process Air Manufacturing.

A Statement from Walter Golding:

It is with great pride I announce the appointment of Glenda Ama as President of Process Air System Sales, Inc, and Process Air Manufacturing, Inc., effective January. 1, 2016. After serving as President for over a decade, I believe strongly that Glenda is the right choice to take the reins of both companies, that she has the aptitude, drive, skills, and energy to exceed and grow the organization more than I ever could.

Scott White maintains his position as Vice President and will team with Glenda to handle the daily functions of the business. I will remain with the organization and assume the position of Vice President of Manufacturing for Process Air Manufacturing, but have turned the operational responsibilities for both companies to Glenda and Scott.

Please welcome Glenda in her new role. We are looking to the future with the expectation of great things to come.

Respectfully Yours, Walter Golding Vice President of Manufacturing

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